About the project


mF2C main goal is to design and develop an open, secure, decentralized, multistakeholder management framework. It provides novel programming models, privacy and security, data storage techniques, service creation, brokerage solutions, SLA policies and resource orchestration methods and tools.


mF2C proposed framework will set the foundations for a novel distributed system architecture, developing a proof-of-concept system and platform, to be tested and validated in real-world scenarios.

Use cases

mF2C use cases cover a wide range of verticals, going from smart cities to smart navigation and smart fog-hub services.
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Latest News

D4.4 Design of the mF2C Platform Manager block components and microagents (IT-2)

  This document, developed by the mF2C project, describes the final design of the mF2C Platform Manager, interfaces, and microagents. The main focus of this document is the design of […]

D3.4 Design of the mF2C Agent Controller Block (IT-2)

  This document has been developed by the mF2C project and is intended to clearly describe the design of the mF2C Agent Controller (AC) developed in iteration 2 of the […]

mF2C presented in the invited Keynote speech at Euro-Par 2019 in Göttingen

  We are delighted to announce that Rosa Maria Badia (Barcelona Supercompting Center) has had the keynote speech “Complex workflows development in distributed computing infrastructures” in the 25th Internation European […]

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