Project Board

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The project management approach is based on management plans and techniques used successfully for other European projects coordinated by ATOS.

The mF2C management and organizational activities aim to reach the objectives according to the project plan and within the allocated schedule, budget, resources, and with the needed quality. Thus, the main tasks in the scope of project management are:

  • Coordination of general administrative, financial, scientific, and technology activities;
  • Establishment and operation of mF2C decision making bodies and procedures;
  • Monitoring and supervision of project procedures in order to ensure that developments are timely and achievements are finished on schedule, and with the quality assurance;
  • Establishment and provision of efficient communication among the project partners, with the European Commission and between the participants;
  • Management of knowledge, intellectual property, innovation and sustainability related activities during and after the project lifecycle.

The project management structure reflects these objectives and is based on a clear definition of responsibilities for activities related to the given tasks.

It includes:

  • Project Manager (Ana Maria Juan Ferrer, ATOS)
  • Scientific & Technical Manager (Prof. Xavi Masip, UPC)
  • Dissemination, Innovation & Exploitation Manager (Antonio Salis, Engineering)
  • WorkPackages Leaders (WP1: Lara Lopez (ATOS), WP2: Prof. Admela Jukan (TUBS), WP3: Prof. Eva Marin (UPC), WP4: Anna Queralt (BSC), WP5: Andrea Bartoli (WOS), WP6: Antonio Salis (ENG) )



The consortium has already identified a number of academic institutions and companies to invite to serve as members of the EAB, as a team of experts providing feedback, guidance and information exchange with the consortium. The experts committed to join this committee are:

  • Amy Apon, Professor and Associate Director in the School of Computing, Clemson University, with established track record in cloud and fog computing area,
  • Dominic A. Schupke, team leader at Airbus Group in Munich, Germany, working in the area of Wireless Communications in Aerospace industry,
  • Kate Keahey, Senior Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory and a Computation Institute fellow at the University of Chicago. Prominent research expert in the areas of: virtualization, resource management, and cloud computing,
  • Guang-Jie Ren, Business Researcher & Product Manager in IBM, leader of Mobile research group and with solid expertise in creating enterprise apps through mobile technologies, advanced analytics and user empowerment, and
  • Jianping Wang, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong, working in the area of cloud security and privacy (covert channel) and information theory with applications in cloud and fog systems.

Moreover, the mF2C project will work to increase the connection with other important European/International experts, in order to validate project evolution, and track both technology progress and new interests from the community. Thus, the EAB is seen not as a static committee, rather as a dynamic element constantly tuned to improve project engagement to the community.

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