Success of the mF2C Project at the final Review meeting in Brussels!

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The final Review meeting for the mF2C Project has been held in EC Offices in Av. de Beaulieu 25 in Brussels on 31 January 2020.

The Commission was composed by  Maria Tsakali (Project Officer), supported by the following external experts:

  • Maria Calzarossa
  • Anna Tatsaki
  • Christian Vindinge Rasmussen

After a very intensive and fruitful day of presentations The Commission has appreciated a very good work in P2, very good management, very good presentations and use cases.

It has been remarked that the mF2C is a very ambitious project for the time being with an exact exploitation moment.

It has been particularly appreciated the clarity of the presentations and the very good organization.

The project has achieved the declared objectives and milestones!

As minor part the following recommendations has been raised:

Recommendation 1: very good quality of deliverables, but some typos have been spotted, and 4 deliverables, namely 1.5, 2.5, 5.2, 6.7 need to be reviewed. In particular D6.7 needs a clearer view in the positioning with regards to competitors, while D1.5 needs to include EAB recommendations and further actions.

Recommendation 2: to review the website: some broken links,  clearer guidelines about how to use and how to download the code.  Videos should be more visible, for example in the landing page, including the latest version use cases videos shown in the review.  Also Whitepapers should be more visible to facilitate the reading and dissemination.  Regarding the publications, a list of them should be easily reachable, with links to Zenodo. Finally the description of the use cases should be improved highlighting the benefits of using mF2C.

We are delighted of the appreciation received so far and will continue in the sustainment of the agreed exploitation plan even after the end of the project!