mF2C presentation at the ETSI MEC #146 – Tech Meeting!

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We are delighted to announce that the mF2C Project has been presented at the ETSI MEC ISG #146 meeting, held remotely on October 29th 2019.  The Meeting has been organized by Chantal Bonardi (ETSI), and chaired by Alex Reznik (HPE), 22 people, mostly from big telco players like Huawei, Vodafone, Nokia, ZTE, Orange, KDDI, IDCC, Altice Labs, or from notable standardizations bodies like ITU, attended the meeting.

Alex Reznik started the meeting, completed some formal steps, and then introduced the mF2C presentation.

Ana Juan Ferrer made a brief introduction of the project, then Xavi Masip made a technical presentation of the mF2C framework going into the details of the framework and the architecture.

After the presentation some questions regarding the software licence, the user registration process, the choice to avoid horizontal communication in fog layers have been raised, and clarification given.

As general outcome, we got a great interest, most of participants requested a link to get the presentation, we hope to collaborate further with ETSI MEC, but also with other standardization bodies for a successful followup!