Very good outcome for the mF2C Workshop @IEEE/ACM UCC in Zurich

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The first edition of the mF2C workshop has been held on December 17th in Zurich, co-located in IEEE/ACM UCC 2018.

The meeting has been chaired by Jasenka Dizdarevic of University of Braunschweig, that welcomed all attendees and introduced the paper session.

The presentations went very well, all papers got lots of questions as discussed topics are pretty hot, the topics went in nice order, from fog capacity, fog applications, fog security and modelling of fog simulations.

The keynote speech in the afternoon from Chris Woods has been very appreciated, it talked about industry-grade computations including the PLC and Unikernels, where VMs and containers are less responsive.

Then the remote presentation from GMU, final wrap-up ended the workshop.

A special thanks to Zhaw organizers for their kind hospitality and swiss timing! the Venue was really nice!