D4.3 Design of the mF2C Platform block components and microagents (IT-1) (M9)

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The deliverable D4.3  developed by the mF2C project describes an initial design of the mF2C Platform Manager (former Gearbox) and the microagents for iteration IT-1.

The main focus of this document is the design of each of the Platform Manager internal components, in such a way that their expected functions are fulfilled. Special attention is paid to the interactions between different components, either in the same or in different agents, to provide a design that takes into account the requirements and goals of the mF2C architecture. Also, a standard approach is used to design interfaces for the communication between different agents. Finally, a design for the microagents is provided according to the current architecture.

The outcome of this document is a detailed design of the Platform Manager components and functionalities, including illustrative workflows that will also be essential for the next stages of the development, and a design for the interfaces and microagents in mF2C.