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  • Profile: XLAB is a Slovenian R&D performing SME, with a strong commercial background (see below) and the corresponding research group. XLAB Research is recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. It employs 34 people including 9 with a PhD and the vast majority with MSc or BSc degrees. XLAB as a whole employs 59 people and closely collaborates with 45 external experts, providing the whole company with access to more than 100 experts in the fields of computer science, electronics and mathematics as well as design and marketing.XLAB is primarily a software development company with four key products: remote collaboration family of tools ISLOnline (www.islonline.com), business software kernel and libraries (main developers for europa3000, www.europa3000.ch), 3D medical imaging software (OEM solutions MedicView, www.medicimaging.com) and geographic informations systems, civil protection solutions, spatial planning and tourism (GAEA+, NASA awarded GIS ‘13 http://www.gaeaplus.eu and SmartLocator, Europan Emergency Number Association awarded software ‘14 http://smart.gaeaplus.eu/).XLAB’s R&D personnel has been active in EU FP6, FP7 and now, H2020 projects. XLAB coordinates one of the H2020 projects, MIKELANGELO (ICT-07-2014) and has participated (as WP-,Task-leader) in the following relevant H2020 and FP7 projects: WitDom (empowering privacy and security in cloud environments), WISER (wide-impact cyber security risk framework), TIMON (enhanced real time services for optimized multimodal mobility relying in cooperative networks and open data), DICE (developing data-intensive cloud applications with iterative quality enhancements), Contrail (open computing infrastructures for elastic services), SPECS (negotiating security parameters in cloud SLAs), ACDC (advanced cyber defense centre), MO-BIZZ (fostering mobile business through enhanced cloud solutions) and eBadge (energy management mechanisms, SmartGrids and virtual powerplants).The key relevant competences of XLAB team range from the fields of cloud computing (from the computing infrastructure and service oriented applications) to the security, monitoring and IoT. On IoT related fields XLAB employees gained the experience with mobile device security (project ACDC), people safety location services, spatial data management and representation (Gaea+, SmartLocator), etc.
  • Project Role:  XLAB contributes knowledge and experiences in developing to the WP2-WP6, leads T5.2 and provides the infrastructure of Sentinel (www.sentinel.hr) for the enriched navigation service use-case. Additionaly XLAB personnel will share theirs expertise on data security and privacy, cloud computing and exploitation
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    Matija Cankar matija.cankar@xlab.si
  • Country:  Slovenia