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Bridging the gap between
fog and cloud paradigms

mF2C supports organizations in their digital transformation, solving existing challenges and setting the foundations for fog-to-cloud management.

We make IT infrastructure faster and easier for

cloud/fog providers

  • Creation of services and products in a fog-to-cloud environment.
  • Provision of new means for collaboration between providers and users.
  • Creation of new digital business services in extended scenarios.
  • technology providers

  • Increased revenues coming from improved and more sophisticated IoT and fog device.
  • Provision of research opportunities based on next-gen devices.
  • Increased usage of IoT devices based on added-value services.
  • service providers

  • Integrated IoT and cloud platforms in a fog-to-cloud paradigm.
  • Creation of new added-value services and solutions.
  • Easiest services’ execution at lower cost.
  • users

  • Improve competitiveness reducing costs.
  • Provision of new tools that generates new business opportunities.
  • Generation of new digital businesses and market opportunities.
  • Converting Europe in a pioneer on fog-to-cloud technologies.
  • Fog and cloud management under the same roof

    The mF2C framework provides a coordinated management of traditional cloud architectures and novel fog ones, offering unique capabilities for distributed execution of applications throughout IoT, fog and cloud environments across a wide variety of industry verticals.

    mF2C platform

    mF2C provides a framework capable of managing resources and services in an optimal way, making the most out of distributed computing capacities deployed close to the edge.

    Incorporated services
    improving customer experience


    Object oriented model to manage data in fog-to-cloud platforms and applications. It allows data management as regular objects in applications.

    Service Orchestrator

    Service execution environment that ensures the best conditions for each service execution based on available resources.

    Telemetry Monitoring

    Extensible, adaptable, telemetry-gathering and analytics framework which can hosts the analytics needed to extract insights from the data.

    Resource Manager

    Novel framework for location and sources agnostic management of resources, implementing a strategy for discovering, identifying, characterizing, monitoring and managing related data sources.


    Programming environment for the definition and parallel execution of applications in fog-to-cloud platforms.


    Standalone micro service which eases the addition of new infrastructure resources in a secure manner.

    Why mF2C?

    It extends the cloud closer to the ‘things”, reducing bandwidth and improving security.

    It ensures interoperability, facilitating its integration with existing solutions.

    It integrates IT and OT in a single framework, bringing cloud capabilities closer to IoT.

    It shifts data processing to the edge of the network, reducing operational cost.

    It improves reliability and reduces response time by executing applications in the most suitable deployment scheme.

    The development of more cost-effective applications and services.

    Find out how partners have improved their applications and services by using the mf2c software framework

    mF2C has allowed Worldsensing to integrate a new fog-to-cloud paradigm in its existing IoT commercial offer to provide a new solution for Emergency Situation Management, generating a new complementary business opportunity. Worldsensing hopes to consolidate its position as a pioneer in IoT technologies thanks to the unfair advantages preliminary demonstrated during the project: a reduction of 24% in Delay and an increase in Quality of Service and Service Reliability of 7% and 10% respectively

    ~ Albert Zaragoza, CTO, Worldsensing

    Working with mF2C provided immediate benefits. mF2C has helped save us at least 15-25 % of development time through its deployment infrastructure, providing the ability to flexibly deploy the SmartBoat application in a modular fashion, allowing us to focus our resources on business-critical tasks.

    ~ Sašo Stanovnik, Senior Principal Software Architect, XLAB

    mF2C provided us a modular software to shape our data-intensive, real-time response application in the airport, able to scale and distribute processing and data, improving response time by 20% on average, guaranteeing instant response times in all cases. Even better leveraging mF2C security and privacy built-in features we guarantee the protection of users data

    ~ Roberto Bulla, Senior Software Architect, Engineering Sardegna


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