mF2C Project Review meeting in Geneva

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mF2C organized its fourth general review meeting in Geneva (Switzerland) on January 31st and february 1st.  The meeting was hosted by SIXSQ, and chaired by UPC and ATOS.

The agenda was mainly focused on the following:

  • Overview of mF2C agent (WP3-WP4), review on development status of IT-1 priority workflows
  • Discussion on implementation workflows, initial demos and integration tests, final set of functionalities to be demonstrated in IT-1
  • Discussions of Security features for  IT-1
  • evaluation of the three Use Cases in terms of:
    • Demonstration Storyboard for M18 review
    • status of implementation
    • next steps towards implementation
    • mapping of mF2C functionalities to use case in IT-1
    • what is needed & what not ready yet
  • workplan for D5.1 and D5.3 deliverables, for integration and validation in IT-1
  • Status,plan, actions for Exploitation, Dissemination and Standardisation

In the second day TUBS presented some slides on Architecture & Trends ned for update,

finally ATOS discussed the relevant Project management tasks:

  • Periodic Reporting actions for M18
  • Review Agenda discussion and initial preparation for M18
  • workplan for M16-M18 delivery
  • External Advisory Board meeting preparation, agenda, asignments, date and timing


  The next meeting is expected to be held in Barcelona in Worldsense  offices mid May 2018