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    • Profile:  The Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig (TUBS) is part of TU9 German universities, constantly ranking in top five engineering schools in Germany, with total student population of around 21,000. Founded in 1745, TUBS has the longest tradition among Germany’s universities in engineering. In the area of interdisciplinary studies in engineering and interdisciplinary courses of study, the TUBS is precursor. Today, approximately every third student is enrolled in one of the interdisciplinary courses of study, including information technologies, transportation and manufacturing. The research team participating in the consortium belongs to the Institute of Computer and Communication Network Engineering (IDA), which is part of Faculty 5 for Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Physics at the Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUBS).The research group in high-speed network systems, led by Prof. Dr. Admela Jukan focuses on emerging networking technologies, protocols and network systems. In her research group, Prof. Jukan pioneered the deployment of parallel computing for multi-core systems based on X10 programming language applied in combination with optical networking for which she obtained the IBM innovation award (in 2009), that contributed to the Centennial Issues of IEEE Proceedings. Her group has been an active member of the open source community. She was the first in Europe to implement the open source SAGE visualization system for remote medical imaging, as well as integrate SAGE in HPDMnet for ACM Supercomputing global demonstrations of remote scientific visualizations (2009). Prof. Jukan was the only European scientist to receive an award from the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science, (with DOE Berkeley Labs) working in the area of high performance computing. Prof. Jukan has coordinated two FP7 EU projects in high-speed systems (ONE and PACE), with particular emphasis on coordinated and programmable network managment, and she is active in the open source community.
    • Project role: At the conceptual level, the role of TU Braunschweig is to address the coordinated management architecture between fog and cloud systems as well as technology enablers in the mF2C architecture which  are rooted in basic research related to the physical communication channel, novel communication algorithms and protocols, and techniques for securing the information though encoding, processing and retrieval in a fault tolerant fashion. As for the management structure, TU Braunschweig will lead WP2 on “Technology survey, business models and architectural definition.” TUBS will also lead the Task 2.3. focusing on architectural design.
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Country:  Germany