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  • Profile:  Tiscali Italia S.p.A. is one of the leading alternative Telecom Operators in Italy. Tiscali has being offering copper, fiber and wimax broadband access, mobile and fixed Voice services, Media and Cloud based services to both to consumer and business customers.
    Tiscali performs industrial R&D activities with Universities and research centres in the areas of Content Retrieval, Multimedia Distribution, Cloud Computing, Big Data & IoT. The company has its main data-centre in Cagliari, where it hosts development environments that are used also for test activities with users.
  • Project role: TISCALI will support Engineering in WP6, with some contribution in the definition of exploitation opportunities of mF2C in the industry, promoting the adoption of the mF2C infrastructure in conventional or brand new business scenarios. It will monitor on marketing potential in different segments and spotting specific sustainable business opportunities, supporting the implementation of foreseen exploitation paths. It will contribute as well to some tasks in WP5 and at the finalization of the Fog Hub Use case, with care to field configuration and settings, and field trials of the developed mF2C service and system management, giving the required feedback and suggestions for improvements.  TISCALI will support Engineering in WP2, tracking available technologies required, contributing in the novel business models definition, in WP3 will contribute setting general security and privacy requirements.
  • Contact points:  TBA
    • email: N/A
Country:  Italy