Successful Exploitation Workshop for the mF2C Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes


The mF2C and Uniserver H2020 funded Projects have had an exploitation workshop on November 12 in Barcelona, organized by Worldsensing, with the aim to help in focusing the right business strategy, according to the emerging digital transformation.

The workshop has been started by Denis Guilhot (Worldsensing), that presented the agenda and introduced Mathieu Carenzo and Ziad Moubarak of IESE Business school, chairs of the workshop.

After a presentation of participants, Mathieu Carenzo started a session highlighting the best and worst practices in bringing technology to market, main errors that many startups and research companies commonly make, explaining the innovative landscape and entrepreneurship challenges faced by new initiatives.

Then the Intuit AgriNova Business case has been described, and participants have been asked to propose choices and decisions in that particular case. This has been very valuable to check the different levels of uncertainty in the case and the difficulties in a real scenario.

Ziak Moubarak then had a session presenting some real experiences in the Pharma sector, describing some methodologies to understand VP and their potentials/positions, considering the competitive landscape.

After lunch participants have been split in three groups, dealing with 2 use cases from the mF2C and one use case from Uniserver project. The Value Proposition Canvas has been described first, then the three groups have worked to represent their use case with the VP canvas. Antonio, Matic and Denis presented the elaboration done, explaining decisions and assumptions.

Finally a Panel of entrepreneurs with key players of the innovation landscape, focusing on People and Financing.

The workshop has been very successful and all participants had great interest until the end.

Many Thanks to organizers, teachers, young entrepreneurs for leading the workshop, and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), that hosted the event and provided a great support.