Success of third edition of the F2C-DP Workshop @Europar 2019 in Göttingen

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The third edition of the F2C-DP Workshop has been held on August 27th in Göttingen (Germany), co-located in Europar 2019.

The meeting has been chaired by Rosa M. Badia (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) that welcomed all attendees and introduced the Keynote presentation “Cloud has inspired Edge and Fog Computing: are we ready to see them as a whole?”, led by Massimo Villari of the University of Messina.

Massimo Villari presented the state of the art regarding research and innovation in the fields of Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing, describing the IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence contribution to the development of next generation systems. He characterized the concept of Fog, main features and architectures, then the emergence of the edge computing coming from the evolution of IoT and data streams generation. Then he described latest evolutions on the programming approaches, with details on Microservices, new requirements on networking and SDN/NFV support, expecially in 5G, and the emergence of leanNFV. Then he described the common bed, so the unification of edge, fog and cloud, with support of orchestration software like Kubernetes, finally he went deep in the osmotic computing concept, explaining how this novel approach, taken from nature, can make edge, fog and cloud work together, fulfilling all security and privacy requirements in a very elegant and intuitive way.

After that the four accepted papers have been presented in the following session. Since Saso Stavnovic was not able to reach the workshop, he presented his paper remotely.

Finally a Technical Panel, with questions and answers, completed the workshop. The Panel has been chaired by Antonio Salis (Engineering) with participation of Massimo Villari (University of Messina), Rosa M. Badia (BSC) and Fabrizio Marozzo (University of Calabria), and focused on Emerging trends, technologies, challenges and  business scenarios in Fog to Cloud architectures.