Success of F2C-DP Workshop @Europar 2018 in Turin

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The second edition of the F2C-DP Workshop has been held on August 28th in Turin, co-located in Europar 2018.

The meeting has been chaired by Antonio Salis (Engineering) that welcomed all attendees and introduced the Keynote presentation  “Engineering R&D: Experiences and Vision”, by Giovanni Frattini of Engineering R&D.

Giovanni presented the broad list of projects in which Engineering is involved, with emphasis on the Cloud, Fog, IoT and SmartCities success stories and current research studies.

Then two Papers Sessions followed, “Architecture, technologies and tools for Fog to Cloud” in the morning, and “Fog to Cloud Applications” in the afternoon.

Finally a Panel Session on “Technology requirements and challenges towards a Fog to Cloud architecture, its impact in business models and emerging business scenarios”, an interactive session with questions and answers with all participants.

The Panel has been chaired by Antonio Salis (Engineering) and participation of  Massimo Coppola (ISTI/CNR), Filippo Gaudenzi (University of Milan), Francesc Lordan (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).