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  • Profile:  SIXSQ Sàrl is an SME registered in Geneva, Switzerland.  The company provides cloud computing solutions to companies of all sizes, as well as public organisations and international agencies. It specialises in process automation, bringing financial benefits to its customers via its unique products. SIXSQ prides itself in promoting cloud neutral solutions for this fast moving IT sector. The SIXSQ team, which consists of highly skilled software engineers, developers and system administrators from many different countries, embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision.SIXSQ is one of the few European cloud expert, with a neutral and agnstic approach to cloud computing.  SIXSQ core products and services, include SlipStream, the open source multi-cloud application deployment and brokerage solution, NuvlaBox, a cloud-in-a-box appliance and Nuvla, the brokerage service, based on SlipStream operated by SIXSQ
  • Project role: Within the project, SIXSQ will bring its experience in building cloud systems and early work in IoT and edge computing in the overall architecture (WP2). Further SIXSQ will also share its vision in building highly valuable products and services, such as the open source SlipStream solution, the Nuvla service and the NuvlaBox product range.SIXSQ will be heavily involved in all technical workpackges particularly in WP2, WP4 and WP5, even leading tasks on interface definitions and integrations (i.e. tasks 4.5 and 5.1), to design, implement and integrate clean and clear Controller and Gearbox blocks. SIXSQ via this involvment will bring in its knowledge from past and current cloud service development. As a professional agile pratitioner, SIXSQ will contribute and share its industrial software development practices to ensure that mF2C produces the highest possible quality. This is of paramount important for SixSq, and other commercial partners, in order to integrate mF2C results in its commercial products and services, quickly
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  • Country:  Switzerland