mF2C Summer Camp in Barcelona on 7-8 of May 2019

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The mF2C Project is pleased to announce the Summer Camp, a strategic event that will be held in Barcelona, 7-8 May 2019, organized by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, hosted by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and supported by ATOS Research & Innovation and Worldsensing.

The aim of this event is to support the exploitation of the mF2C project attracting experts and executives that are involved in cloud, fog and IoT technologies and related real life applications (e.g. Smart Cities, Smart manufacturing/Industrial IoT, Smart transportation, etc.)  from different perspectives:

  • Users, including Public Administrations and Municipalities,
  • Service Providers, including Telco providers and Systems integrators
  • Research, highlighting progress in key topics related to the mF2C project

This would facilitate the collection of their specific business, scientific, technological needs, and facilitating the definition of advanced business strategy in-line with the evolving digital transformation.

Another aim is to let the audience gain expertise in the relevant cloud, fog, IoT areas, and fog-to-cloud techniques. To this aim, one day will be devoted to the demonstration of the mF2C features and capabilities, explaining how the various requirements from different sectors can be proficiently addressed with the mF2C framework.

Finally, a panel, with the participation of selected speakers and mF2C experts will foster discussion on how to match the gathered demand with the mF2C system.



Attendance: the whole event will be public, so open to all interested people, from system and services developers, to SMEs and start-ups leaders, to PhD and graduate students.

Place: the event will be held in Barcelona @UPC Northern Campus, room C6-E106

Registration: the participation at the event is free, however the number of seats is limited, so all attendees are kindly asked to register at the following link:


Preliminary Agenda

7 may

Time Session Speakers
 09.30h-10.15h Welcome and Introduction  Ana Juan (ATOS)
10.15h-11.30h Users Session

Chair : Lara López (ATOS)

Albert Alonso, R&D Dpt. (Hospital Clínic)

Daniel Serra, Executive Project Manager (CARNET)

Daniel Cavero, Manager (KUKA)

11.30h-12.00h Coffee Break
12.00h-13.15h Providers Session

Chair: Denis Guillot (Worldsensing)

Lluís Ventura, Co-founder and COO (Cobugs)

Martin Longobuco, CEO (Datalong 16)

Stefano Testa, Director of Sales (CISCO)

13.15h-14.30h Lunch
14.30-15.45h Research Session

Chair: Anna Queralt (BSC)

Josep Martí, CEO (Nearby Computing)

Sergi Figuerola, CTIO (i2CAT)

Paolo Casari (RECAP Project)

Diego Perino, Researcher (Telefonica I+D)

15.45h-16.15h Coffee Break
16.15h-18.00h Final Panel

Chair: Xavi Masip (UPC)

Daniel Serra, Executive Project Manager (CARNET)

Lluís Ventura, Co-founder and COO (Cobugs)

Josep Martí, CEO (Nearby Computing)

Martin Longobuco, CEO (Datalong 16)

Ignasi Bonet, Vice Director of Innovation (Sant Cugat City Hall)

Manuel Palacín, Program Manager (Mobile World Capital)

Jara Forcadell, Smart Cities Consultant (DOXA)


8 may

Time Session Speaker
9.30h-10.15h mF2C context and overview Ana Juan (ATOS) – Project coordinator
10.15h-11.00h mF2C technical solution Xavi Masip (UPC) – Technical coordinator
11.00h-11.30h Coffee Break
11.30h-12.15h Applications of mF2C (demos) Emergency Situation Management in Smart Cities (Worldsensing)
12.15h-13.00h Applications of mF2C (demos) Smart Boat Service (XLAB)
13.00h-14.30h Lunch
14.30-15.15h Applications of mF2C (demos) Smart Fog-Hub Service (Engineering)
15.15h-15.45h  Coffee Break
15.45h-16.30h mF2C in a real product (demo)  Microagent based on NuvlaBox Nano (SixSq)


Contacts:  Anna Queralt (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)  <>