mF2C seventh Project Review meeting in Barcelona

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mF2C organized its seventh general review meeting in Barcelona,  on February 5-6th 2019. The meeting was organized at ATOS new offices, and chaired by UPC and ATOS.

The objective was to agree on main set of functionalities/workflows to be developed or updated in IT-2, and to make clear what functionalities (including policies, etc) are to be implemented.

Morning started with Xavi summarizing the updated status of the mF2C agent, architectural changes in IT-2, securirty updates as described in the released D3.2 and D4.2 deliverables, then Anna introduced implementation workflows and initial demos on both PM and AC components.

Then Cris introduced the Integration Plan, with the analysis from PM and AC, WP5 Use Cases demo needs and integration calendar and work plan. Cris presented a live demo with a NuvlaBox Nano smart edge device, based on RaspberryPI and ARM, able to support the mF2C agent in the edge with a lightweight version.

Roi demonstrated also a working demo with interaction of Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, to be used in the orchestrator module.

Fran demonstrated the basic service manager feature with a Helloworld sample.

Then Denis introduced the WP5 and updated, together with Matic and Roberto, about the Use Cases status of implementation, new features to be implemented and dependancies from mF2C capabilities.

Roberto recapped the Exploitation, Dissemination and Standardisation status and plans for the coming months,

final recap of Xavi for WP3 & WP4 new functionalities development and list of actions, with a technical discussion in Working groups.

Finally Ana presented the Project Management & WP1 Actions, with some details regarding the Summer Camp and EAB Meeting to be organized for the beginning of May, which will be the next scheduled meeting, scheduled in Barcelona and hosted by BSC.