AIOTI – Workshop on Large-Scale IoT & Data Marketplaces conference

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On 8 April, Open & Agile Smart Cities hosted a workshop to discuss the development of large-scale IoT & data marketplaces in Europe. The event was jointly organised by the European Commission, the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and the IoT Large-Scale Pilot Programme.

Bringing together stakeholders from the European Institutions, municipalities, associations as well as SMEs and industry representatives, the workshop delivered on its objectives to:

  1. Discuss the value proposition of an ecosystem-based approach to transaction management related to IoT and data (data, services, components, hardware and training), both monetised and non-monetised,
  2. Learn from existing cases and implementations of IoT & data marketplaces and emerging needs, including technical underpinnings and issues of governance in emerging infrastructure partnerships,
  3. Identify most promising paths to a sustainable scale-up of IoT & data marketplaces, including key actors and instruments from both supply- and demand-side, and taking into account the need to protect local priorities and critical infrastructures.

The workshop has been organized with the following sessions:

  • Emerging Needs for IoT & Data Marketplaces, coordinated by Davor Meersman, Open & Agile Smart Cities / SynchroniCity
  • Technological underpinnings – from platforms to infrastructure partnerships, coordinated by Kees van der Klauw, AIOTI
  • The Road towards Sustainable Scale-up of IoT & Data Marketplaces, coordinated by Nuria de Lama Sanchez, ATOS


more information on the event can be found here