D2.7 mF2C Architecture (IT-2)

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This document, developed by the mF2C project, represents a second version of the mF2C Architecture deliverable (iteration IT-2). The deliverable offers an overview of the updated mF2C architectural design after adopting the necessary modifications from the architectural design documented in deliverable D2.6.
Based on the experiences from the IT-1 mF2C system practical implementation and prototype integration reported in D5.1, some architectural blocks and functionalities have been modified and extended for IT-2. The focus of this document is identification and description of the main mF2C entities and of the updated components and interfaces within the mF2C architectural building blocks, as well as the identification of different strategies necessary for a successful deployment of mF2C. Based on the challenges faced during the practical implementation it defines with more precision different types of requirements imposed by the applications and services running in the mF2C framework.
The outcome of this document is an updated final mF2C architectural design solution with a detailed functional definition and specification of the mF2C management systems and services.