Great success of the Summer Camp meeting!

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The Summer Camp has been held in Barcelona 7-8 May 2019, organized by Barcelona Supercomputing Center and hosted by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The event has attracted relevant number of experts and executives that are managed in Cloud, Fog and IoT technologies and their use in Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Transportation.

Three different sessions covered various areas, from Users Session, which involved Public Administrations, Municipalities and Health referrers, Service Providers that involved ICT, Telco, Systems and Services Managers, and Research Session with some of most talented scientists and researchers currently working in key topics related to the mF2C Project.

In the first session Lara Lopez (ATOS) discussed with three invited speakers. Albert Alonso (Hospital Clínic) highlighted the challenges that newset technologies bring to physicists and medical doctors, while Daniel Serra (CARNET) described the large number of opportunities that the application of mobility enables and benefits that bring to citizens. Finally Daniel Cavero (KUKA Robotics) described the metamorphosis of the robotics industry with major shift from a pure mechanics industry to a software base one.  Here too the mobility makes a major role in the evolution of robots at work.

The second session has been headed by Denis Guilhot (Worldsensing) with participation of Lluís Ventura (Cobugs), Martin Longobuco (Datalong 16) and Stefano Testa (CISCO). In this session most questions were based on the role of cloud providers and big players in the adoption of Fog in their business models. Stefano Testa presented some experiences from the Silicon Valley, while Martin Longobuco highlighted the importance to start from the Customer requirements, so the need of strict engagement to collect real needs to shape good solutions leveraging newest technologies.

The third session has been directed by Anna Queralt (BSC) and partecipation of Josep Martí (Nearby Computing), Sergi Figuerola (i2CAT), Paolo Casari (RECAP Project), Diego Perino (Telefonica I+D). Here the invited speakers have brought their latest experience in running research projects like Recap or work in progress in i2CAT and Telefonica.

Finally a Panel led by Xavi Masip (UPC) with Daniel Serra (CARNET), Lluís Ventura (Cobugs), Josep Martí (Nearby Computing), Martin Longobuco (Datalong 16), Ignasi Bonet (Sant Cugat City Hall), Manuel Palacín (Mobile World Capital), Jara Forcadell (DOXA), discussing how to match the business requirements collected in previous sessions with the emerging technologies and the mF2C system.

The event was of great interest of all participants and has been a great success.