External Advisory Board second meeting on 8 may 2019

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The second day of the Summer Camp has been dedicated to the presentation of the mF2C Project to the following EAB Experts:

  • Kate Keahey (Argonne National Lab / University of Chicago)
  • Amy Apon (Clemson University)
  • Shahrokh Daijavad (IBM Almaden Research Center)

Xavi Masip, as Scientific Director, presented some slides with a general introduction of the project, main motivations and expected business impacts. After that he shifted to the technical part, introducing current trends in Cloud, Fog, Edge and IoT, expected evolution, and made an extensive presentation of the mF2C core architecture, the particular approach, current developments and validation methods.

After that the following presentations and demos have been performed by:

  • Denis Guilhot (Worldsensing) on Use Case 1 – Emergency Situation Management in Smart Cities
  • Matic Cankar (XLAB) on Use Case 2 – Smart Boat Service
  • Antonio Salis (Engineering) on Use Case 3 – Smart Fog Hub Service in Airport
  • Critovao Cordeiro (SixSq) on mF2C in a real product – Microagent based on NuvlaBox Nano

Finally a presentation of the expected impact in industry, and identified busines models.

The feedbacks collected are positive, stating that the mF2C project has solid foundations and very good opportunities for success.

A special thanks to all External Experts for their availability and relevant contribution.