D6.3 mF2C annual report on dissemination and standardization (Year 2)

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The mF2C project is focused on delivering a management framework for the challenging fog-to-cloud domain. This deliverable provides a report of all the dissemination and standardization activities that were performed during the second year of the project. This corresponds to activities tracked under Task 6.1 Dissemination and Task 6.2 Standards. It includes the details of the different events (scientific, EU related, Industrial, standardization, open source) that partners have participated at as speakers, presenting the mF2C project, or research related to the project. A number of papers have been written which have been published or are still under review for 2019 and these are also captured in this document.
The deliverable reports its second year results on standardization initiatives that it has been monitoring across a variety of communities, industry, and at regional and international levels. This deliverable also provides initial plans for both dissemination and standardization activities for the third year of the project identifying opportunities to engage with the key stakeholders that have now been identified, therefore increasing the potential for successful dissemination of project results.