D3.3 Design of the mF2C Controller Block (IT-1) (M9)

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Deliverable D3.3 has been developed by the mF2C project, intended to clearly describe the preliminary design of the mF2C Agent Controller, as envisioned for iteration IT-1.

The main objective of this document is to provide a comprehensive understanding about the Agent Controller, its main functionalities for IT-1, and a preliminary approach for IT-1 development. The document starts by summarizing the key decisions for the mF2C architecture assumed for IT-1, to make the design contributions proposed in the deliverable easy to understand, later introducing the set of main blocks and functionalities foreseen for the Agent Controller. Special attention is paid to describe each one of the three different blocks gathering all functionalities for the Agent Controller, namely, the Resource Management, the Service Management and the User Management, including design aspects related to the core functionalities envisioned for IT-1 as well as the interfaces required for the Agent Controller. Such functionalities are illustrated through different workflows, as the main foundation for further development. Finally, security is also considered as previously assessed in D2.4 for the whole mF2C system and particularly for the Agent Controller in D3.1.

The outcome of this document is a detailed design of the Agent Controller, including approaches for the different functionalities (monitoring, data management, resources discovery and identification, policies, SLA, QoS enforcement, etc.), including illustrative workflows that will also be essential for the next stages of the development, as well as a preliminary design of the data base to be considered in mF2C.