mF2C accepted paper in IEEE Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018

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We are proud to announce that a research paper developed under the mF2C Project, has been accepted for inclusion in IEEE Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2018  conference to be held on 13-14 November 2018 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 Title  “Taxonomy and Resource Modeling in Combined Fog-to-Cloud Systems”,

by Souvik Sengupta*,  Jordi Garcia Almiñana*, Xavi Masip-Bruin*

* Advanced Network Architectures Lab (CRAAX), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain


As the technology is rapidly evolving, the society as a whole is gradually surrounding by the Internet. In such a high connectivity scenario, the recently coined IoT concept becomes a commodity driving data generation rate to increase swiftly. To process and manage these data in an efficient way, a new strategy, referred to as Fog-to-Clod (F2C), has been recently proposed leveraging two existing technologies, fog computing and cloud computing, where resources are playing a pivotal role to manage data efficiently. In these scenarios, vast numbers of interconnected heterogeneous devices coexist, thus crafting a complex set of devices. Managing efficiently these devices requires a proper resources classification and organization. In this paper, we offer a model to classify and taxonomies the whole set of resources aimed to best suit the Fog-to-Cloud paradigm.”