Success of F2C-DP Workshop @Europar 2017 in Santiago de Compostela

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F2C-DP Worshop has been held on august 28th in Santiago de Compostela, co-located in Europar 2017.

The meeting has started by Rosa M Badia (BSC) that welcomed all attendees and introduced the Keynote presentation  “The emerging edge – drivers, technologies and challenges – an industry perspective”, by John Kennedy of Intel Research Labs.

John presented a perspective from industry on how IoT is enabling new use cases, driving new technologies and posing new research challenges inside the data center and beyond to the emerging edge.

Then first Papers Session followed, chaired by Antonio Salis (Engineering), discussing Architecture and Technologies for Fog to Cloud.

In the afternoon a second Papers Session followed, chaired by John Kennedy (Intel), discussing Fog to Cloud Use Cases.

Finally a Panel Session on technology challenges towards a Fog to Cloud architecture and its impacts in business models has been taken, chaired by Rosa M. Badia (BSC), and partecipation of  Christian Perez (INRIA), Antonio Salis (Engineering), John Kennedy (Intel).

First Christian Perez (INRIA) presented the French SILECS initiative, then  a discussion followed on the scientific approach and proper way to design the mF2C architecture, business opportunities for hardware, service and cloud providers, systems integrators, issues like security and privacy that could limit or prevent the F2C adoption, need for specific software or programming interfaces.

A point that collected great interest has been on possibility to run services on edge “untrusted” device, the requirements to be fulfilled for the full acceptance and adoption (e.g. general acceptance with chance to refuse in case of “short-of-battery” status), revenue models for them (micropayments based on virtual money)