D6.5 (M12)

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This document is the first one of a set of three aiming to provide an appropriate framework for exploiting project results. The information contained here inherits from

  1. the technical work developed in other work packages in order to determine the exploitable assets of the project;
  2. the tracking specifications done in WP2 to provide a clear market watch; and
  3. the stakeholders’ analysis and business goals developed also in WP3 to develop the project value chain.

Taking this information into account, a set of market techniques have been applied in order to correctly allocate mF2C results in the current market context. These results, aka exploitable assets, also provide their key value propositions and unique selling points to differentiate from other products already existent and support the development of the initial value proposition of the project.  At the same time, IPR and potential licensing schemes have been analysed to set the path for realising the software. Initial intentions are built upon and open source licensing scheme aiming to reach a wider audience.
To complement this, a preliminary set of potential business models has been elaborated. The viability of the business models have been also evaluated based on current market expectations. This validation will be extended based on partners and potential customers’ expectations. The benefits of mF2C are also reflected on the evolutions of the UCs business models. In this first iteration, the initial business model for each UC is also presented here. It will be further updated once the project releases its first iteration, and one more time at the project ends with the real expected benefits of adopting such a solution

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